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We’ve got a longish weekend in the Northwoods this week. Headed up on Thursday afternoon with plenty of time to get some fishing in. Two hours and one Rock Bass later we headed in. On the way back our youngest son (13) insists on borrowing my phone to take a picture. I informed him it was too dark to take a good picture but eventually relented. 5 minutes later he hands my phone back with these pictures on it. He did the editing, including the borders, on my phone. My phone does borders, who knew?

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But we are undeterred. The thunderstorms rolling through Northern Wisconsin did a number on us this past Memorial Day weekend. Sunday morning about 3:15am we were jolted out of bed by an incredibly loud bang. We looked out the window and saw that one of our trees, only 30-40 feet from our bedroom, had been hit by lightning. Our big Hemlock is going to be firewood soon. Thankfully we have a number of large trees in the front yard but we still hate a lose a nice old tree. Why the huge pine towering another 50 feet in the air adjacent the Hemlock didn’t get hit is a mystery to us.

As you may have noticed, the Wheeler Lake webcams and weather information have not been updating since Sunday morning. Along with our tree, the lightening strike has also taken out a TV, DVR, DSL modem, wireless router, electronic thermostat, multiple webcams, the weather monitoring system and likely more. Much of this equipment was protected by multiple UPS devices. Incredibly the power never went out and the phones still work. It would seem an EMP sent by the lightning strike is to blame. We are now divining the secrets of effectively dealing with our insurance company over the loss.
Have you ever had to deal with your insurance company over a lightning stike?


Lakewood Firefighters Picnic

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Don’t forget the upcoming Lakewood Firefighters Picnic on Sunday, September 4th.

Starts at Noon and runs until 9:00pm.

Food, refreshments, raffles (both cash and meat and other items), Live music, and the big FREE steam cooked SWEET CORN.

Come and enjoy a fun afternoon and evening with friends.


Also don’t forget the Riverview Fire Picnic on Sat. September 3rd.



Those Amazing Folks At Google

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What will the amazing brains at Google think of next?

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