Spring Is In The Air!

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in Wheeler Lake

Wheeler Lake, Oconto County Wisconsin

Wheeler Lake, March 18th 2011

I Love Winter!!

I have many friends that live below the Rust Belt who think I am a bit of a nut because I like winter so much. They just don’t get it.  Winter, to me, is kind of like having visitors in your home.  You are really glad to see them arrive and, often, just as glad to see them go. I am at the “glad to see winter go” part of the year.  The days are getting warmer and the snow is quickly disappearing here in N.E. Wisconsin. This week we have seen temperatures in the mid to upper 50’s.  This begs the question, when will the ice clear on Wheeler Lake this year? As you can see from the image above, there is standing water on the lake.  If these warm temperatures continue, the ice will go quickly. Send me an email with your best estimate as to when the ice will clear.  The person with the closest estimate will get bragging rights and their name or initials (your choice) next to the Ice Cleared date on the Wheeler Lake Webcam page.

UPDATE: A few people have sent in their guesses on when the ice will go out on Wheeler Lake. Bob A. says April 22nd, Jerry D. is at April 10th, Patty R. guarantees April 19th, Patrick C. says April 17th, Dave S. has it pinned to April 12th at approx 3:00pm, Larry H. has April 8th, Wheeler L., says April 15th, Carrie S-M from CA guesses April 24th, Raoul S. has April 28th at 3:30pm :), Cheryl D. picks April 9th, my wife sent me an email to pick April 30th at 2:51pm (you could have just walked into the living room!), Steve F. picks April 24th. Send me your best guess and win, win, win!

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